Do not like tours? Join this social & alternative adventure to the Blue Mountains, with a young Aussie staff. 

Tour commence with morning pick up at Central or at your accommodation (if centrally located). First stop Glenbrook for a quick coffee/smoothie, bathrooms or try an amazing locally made gourmet meat pie. Second stop Katoomba, home of the famous Three Sisters rock formations, Now that the most touristy stop of the day is complete, you will head to the Wentworth Falls where you will embark on an approximate 90 minute moderate level nature enclosed hike down through the undercliff walk, via the ‘Stairs of Doom’ and National Pass to the bottom of the 187 meter waterfall in Jamison Valley . On the hike you will stop at several amazing viewpoints where the true beauty and size of Sydney’s beautiful Blue Mountains. 

Once you hike back up the Stairs Of Doom, you will have an  Aussie BBQ lunch which isn’t just a sausage on bread. At the barbie feel free to taste one of the leanest meats in the world, kangaroo… (also cater for vegos and vegans).

After lunch we head over to Lincoln’s Rock which is a truly amazing rock lodge with uninterrupted views of Jamison Valley… you feel like you are standing on the edge of the world. Then we head deep into the bush of the Blue Mountains national park in Glenbrook, down a long dirt road to a valley that is a popular kangaroo hang out and camping spot. These kangaroos are as wild as they can get and we often see joeys in and out of the pouch, the occasional kangaroo fight and kookaburras. After getting a few snaps of kangaroos the guide will take you to a secret lookout. Upon return in Sydney, the tour often finish with a drink all together at a local bar for anyone that wants to continue into the night with their new mates….or be soft and go home and sleep 



Tour Highlights:

  • Staff: Young Aussie mates…chilled vibe
  • Small business run by a young Blue Mountains local.
  • 17 years to 40 ish…no kids…Adult vibe
  • Hot Aussie BBQ Lunch (try kangaroo).
  • Cool viewpoints that most other tours don’t go…. local knowledge
  • 90 Minute bushwalk deep in the bush (beautiful walk)
  • Waterfalls including a huge 187 meter one that you can get under
  • Swim in natural waterhole deep in the bush (warmer months)
  • See kangaroos in the wild as well as whatever else
  • Byo welcome and we stop at a bottleo on tour
  • Commonly told that we are the best tour that people have experienced in Australia.

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